May 11, 2007

Expecting another....

Yes, we are pregnant again! We'll be adding a new little one sometime around Christmas. I have many family and friends who have birthdays during that time and for years I've talked smack about people who have babies at Christmas. Erik and I really enjoy the Holiday time and put a lot of effort to make the season fun and festive. So it seemed crazy that people would plan this collision of events to happen. I thought...why would people plan babies then, can't they count? I've come to realize...sometimes, things just happen. And now, we'll be joining the ranks of those who have kids at Christmas.

I've also heard from some grown men and woman who fall into this catagory, that they HATE that they have to share their special day with all the events and business of Christmas. Any one have adivce on how to help kiddos not resent the timing of their birth?

Ho, Ho, Ho, !?