August 29, 2007

Let us eat cake!

We celebrated Anika's birthday during our visit. She turned 2. Happy Birthday Anika. And of course a birthday isn't complete without cake....

yummmie for cake..... feels so squishy....

how did cake get all over?

who needs a fork?


Did someone say....surprise inside? where.....

too big? What?

August 28, 2007

Trip to the Cabin

Erik's parents, Fred & Jill, have a cabin up towards Tahoe off the American River. We all went to visit the cabin and stayed the night.

We played a lot of cards....

Took the cousins to the river....

It was very cold! Erik was pretty much the only one who would get in.

Even Quinlin thought he was crazy!

Max stayed in just so he could throw rocks in the water with his dad.

Poor little Anika took a bad fall and busted her little lip.

Max with Uncle Justin.

We squeezed sleeping spots in for everyone. Here are all five cousins. Max stayed for about two seconds before he found something else more interesting than posing for a camera.

August 27, 2007

More Swimming momments...

This picture of Quinlin is pretty typical of her in the water. It's no surprise to most of you that Quinlin loves the water. Whether she's in the pool, bath, or any other water, she loves to splash herself...the girl can't get enough!

Quinlin's turn for a "Smack down"

She is her father's daughter.... Isn't squirting everyone great fun!

Savannah (Kelli's daughter)

Max & Anika

Anika (Justin & Nicoles daughter)

August 25, 2007

Smack me down Uncle Erik!!!

Our Nephew Kylan LOVES to have Erik smack him down. Basically, it's just Erik throwing him in the pool....but it's Kylan's favorite thing. It's all he can talk about when we come to visit. Here are some pics of the "smack down"....

August 24, 2007

CA Trip....

We just got back from visitng Erik's family back in CA. It was so much fun to have all the cousin's playing together.

We spent the majority of the time in the pool, although we did many other things too. I'll post those pictures throughout the next few weeks.

For now, here a a couple of Quinlin and Max...

August 8, 2007

It's a....


Last week, we took the kids to our ultra sound. She was in perfect position and within seconds we could see she was a girl. We have a name in mind, but we are still discussing spelling. We'll keep you posted.