August 28, 2008

mud anyone?

I guess since in the spirit of messes, I'd add the photo's of Quinlin that I took last week

August 27, 2008

say PINK

While Max was so quietly napping in the spare room of my parents house...he was really getting into a drawer of makeup my mom thought he couldn't get into. I thought I'd peek in to see my sweet boy sleeping away, but instead, I found this. It took 3 washes to get it all off.

August 26, 2008

I see you

I've taken the kids with me to visit my parents for the last week of summer. My mom has a little cubby in her kitchen that opens at two ends. She has it filled with toys for the kids when they come to visit. Max has discovered that he can crawl up there.

August 14, 2008

Q's Favorite Place.

If any of you have ever been to our house, you would receive the normal Quinlin treatment. You'd get a BIG huge hug that would squeeze your insides out. She'll repeat your name over and over and make you feel like you were the greatest person on the earth. Then you would be dragged by your hand and led into Quinlin's room. There she would pull you to her bed where (in her greatest hopes) you would play with her. She loves to play in her bed. It's by far her favorite place (with the exception of Disneyland...but that's a no brainer).

It's not uncommon for us to have family wrestling or jumping monkeys (Erik and I refrain from the jumping....LOL....although that would be funny to watch). All family activities like this must ALWAYS take place in Quinlin's room, on Quinlin's bed. So to all of you who come and sleep in Quinlin's bed (since it is our guest room)...yes, your bed gets jumped on and wrestled on.

Here she is...exactly where she wants us all to be.

August 1, 2008

More of Justice....

Justice is Max's very good friend. They are 6 days apart and us moms have been friends since the two kiddos were still in our bellies. They spend a lot of time together and last week Justice came over to play with us for the day. We had such a great time, and she was so full of smiles, I couldn't help but take out my camera a take a few shots. She is so sweet and beautiful. Max and Justice don't know this yet, but we have them betrothed.

Dressing a Cat

Have you ever tried to dress up a cat? Not a great idea... or easy task. I grew up with cats, and when I was young I would at times try to dress them up....why not? I was never very successful, although I think my sister had a cat once when she was young that would let her do anything, I missed out on that.

Why am I talking about dressing cats? This morning when I was trying to dress Zoey, she was wiggling, trying to turn over, kicking the pants off as I was trying to get them on. I had a flash back. I thought back to a memory of being young trying to dress my cats. So I said to Zoey, " dressing you is like dressing a cat." It gave me a giggle.