February 27, 2008

What a mighty good Man!

I want to brag a bit about what an awesome Husband and Dad Erik is. The longer we are married, the more of "life" we put under our belt, the more I'm in awe of him. The more I realize what wonderful partner God gave me.

There is nothing that Erik won't do. Until Quinlin was 3 1/2, he was her primary care giver. He wiped poop, cleaned up vomit (a daily task for him), fed her, cared for her, and love her. Now that we have added 2 more and he doesn't slow down.

I often express to others what a good Dad he is. He is incredibly loving and fun....he's basically a human Jungle Gym. He takes them to the park and to the movies (giving me a great breaks, thank you!!!). But he also has high expectations that his children behave. He's not overly strict, but can dish out consequences when deserved. I believe as our kids grow, they will know they are loved and have a lot of respect for their Dad.

I love you so much Erik...thank you for all you do!

February 26, 2008

Here comes the Sun!

The sun finally came out this weekend and it felt so good!

We've finally turned the corner on Winter and now we get to look forward to some sunshine. There will still be much more rain ahead through spring, but at least now we will be visited with nice days from time to time.

We LOVE our big back yard. It fun for the kids to wander and enjoy the beautiful trees, sky, and house God has given us to play in....we are so blessed!

February 25, 2008

Evolution? Bah humbug...

I think one of the strongest arguments against evolution, is that moms only have two arms. If evolution were true, we'd have grown a few more.

This last week was Mid-Winter break- no school. Man I wish I had two arms for each kid I have. Since all my kids are young, and Quinlin is young at heart, I have to do most everything for them. If they need a snack, a drink, a toy they can't reach or something they can't open. If it's pooping, their butts need wiped. If they dirtied their clothes, they needed me to change them. By the end of the week, I was worn out! Maybe I needed more than just more arms, but another body too!

But it's all worth it. Every smile they give, every laugh they make. Wanting mommy to see and watch them when they do something they think is great. Our kids make our life full. Just yesterday I was remembering back to when it was just us and Quinlin. Wow...the day would be so lonely. It would be so quiet and still. I love that I can be here during the day to see all they do. To wake up each morning and here Max and Quinlin say..."morning momma." Bringing Zoey home instantly made Max seem like a giant. He was no longer my baby. He is growing up and has become a very cute, very talkative little boy. It all happens so fast. One day you wake up and months have gone by.

A very good and wise friend of ours once said "We're not raising boys and girls, but Men and Woman." And they will be exactly that before we know it....Men and Women (thanks Phil and Ne)

February 13, 2008

Q miester...

Quinlin is at school most of the day so I don't get as many opportunities to take pictures of her as I do the other two kids. We did take a few pictures of her the other day just being Quinlin. She is a very sweet and very proud big sister.

Quinlin chewing her favorite bubble gum...


Max is quite the little firecracker. I don't think he knows how to walk anymore...it's either running, jumping, dancing, skipping, anything but walking!

Max is also talking very well. He spends most of his day saying, "momma....momma....MOMMA....WATCH!" Then hell show me how he dances, or jumps, or runs....

Making sure you're still watching....

1, 2, 3, JUMP!

Yes, we allow our kids to jump off the furniture! The other day, Erik captured this fun activity the kids love to do. In fact, Max will jump off anything and everything. He's becoming quite the dare devil, increasing the hight of things he's jumping off. Recently he's jumping of our bed, and even the arm of the chair. Look for the future post with Max in a cast....