September 24, 2007

the Sweetest Sound

There is nothing sweeter than kids singing! Max, who is just 16 months old, has started singing all the time. I LOVE to hear him. He doesn't really have words so he just makes up sounds. He often wakes up in the morning laying in his crib singing away. Or he'll start as we drive around on our errands. I especially love when he waddles down the hallway singing at the top of his lungs.

He has also figured out that the song book at church is for singing. Yesterday during service, he pointed at a song book. I picked it up, put it on his lap, and opened it. He instantly started singing. I was so surprised that he connected that. The only downside is that it was during communion and so we had to ssshh him. I hated that...I love that he sings, but I guess there is a time and place.

He's such a sweet boy. I love him.

September 21, 2007

gotta check em out!

Erik and I the amazing blessing of being part of AIM (Adventures In Missions) many many years ago, back when we were young and had just met. I can't put in words what AIM did for me and means to me. Even today, my experience in AIM continues to affect my life in a way that is beyond measure.

Recently when Erik and I started blogging, we began to come back into contact with many of our friends we haven't seen since our AIM days. The other day, Erik came across two more blogs. The owners of blogs are two mentors of mine and Erik's from back in the day. Reading their words now, remind me of why my AIM experience was so powerful. They are incredible Men of God and I hope that you all can be blessed by their words the way that I am.

For sinners only-Rex Boyles

There's something about that name- Craig Hicks

September 18, 2007


That right. Quinlin's secret identity. She's really Spidergirl! Criminals beware.... She'll use her spidysenses to seek out and destroy!

I've always thought that Quinlin had some super powers. It so Amazing how in seconds, she can walk into a perfectly clean room and turn it into a disaster zone. My mom has called her the destructinator. It almost as if she has suction cups on her hands and arms that are super stretchy so she can reach out several feet away and pull things down. She else could she make such a huge mess in seconds?

September 4, 2007

ahhhh....the first day of School!

Time to go back to school for Quinlin! She was very excited to wear her new clothes and new backpack. I'm sure she'll love to see her friends.

Now Max has the run of the house to himself. He'll be able to nap in peace without the sound of elephants tromping down the hall or squeels and shouting coming from all over.

It was a fun summer, but I'm ready for fall. Before long, there be a different noise is the house during the day...a new little baby crying. Only 16 more weeks to go...