October 22, 2008

The Farm

Last Sunday after church we went to a Pumpkin Patch called "The Farm" in Snohomish, WA. It was a perfectly sunny day (unlike last year that was rainy and very muddy). We went with Laura, Jen, Alex & Trenton, and of course our troop of kids. Erik was the photographer on this trip. Here are some of my favorite Pics of the day....

October 15, 2008

Quinlin's Disney Birthday

We celebrated Quinlin's birthday on Friday with a Character Breakfast. It was so GOOD! The Character breakfast was a Lelo and Stitch Luau in Paradise Pier Hotel. It fun to see all the characters dressed up in their Hawaiian outfits. There wasn't too many people there and the kids had a ton of access to all the characters that were there. If you're planning a trip to Disneyland, I highly recommend this!

Before we left for the party, Quinlin recieved some gifts from family. Fred and Jill (grandpa and grandma) got Quinlin this SUPER cute minnie dress. Aunt Nicole got her matching Minnie shoes (which we had to exchange for another size....that' why they're not in the picture) and Aunt Kelli got her these other Pink Sparkly Disney Converse. If you don't already know....Quinlin LOVES shoes. Santa always brings her a few too!

So this is Quinlin dressed and ready to go. The other pictures are members of the group and characters.

October 13, 2008


We've been back for a week now, and I'm finally getting to the Disney trip. We had a blast! All of Quinlin's favorit people were there. The whole gang included: Quinlin (10), Erik, Marci, Max (2), Zoey (9 mths), Grandma Jill, Grandpa Fred, Kelli, Kylan (8), Savanah (3), Nicole, Anika (3), Bailee (7 mths), Papa Len, Grandma Beverly, Laura, Jennifer, Trenton (9), Alex (12), Tyler (16), Kym and Kai (10)....phew! It was A LOT of people...but very important people.

We were there for the week (that was supposed to be mild temperature and few people) with very HOT temperatures and a TON of people. Despite the heat and crowd, we still had a great time. Quinlin went on all the fast fun rides with anyone who would go with her. But her favorite ride is still the Tea Cups. She also loved the carousel, dumbo, rockets, and anything else that would spin.

Max loved the Tea Cups as well. But he also liked dumbo and the carousel. He asked once..."I sleep in Tars-man's house" after having visited it for the first time. He also loved exploring Huck Finn's island.

Zoey seemed to enjoy many rides. She was able to go on more things than I had realized and never complained about being on any of them. Hopefully next time we go... she'll be able to express what she liked.

We took many pictures, although we did miss out on so many more. It was just not possible to photograph as much as we would have liked. Often the group was separated so there was always something going on where we weren't.

Here are a few of my favorite...

Disneyland was decorated with tons of pumpkins...in the theme of Halloween Time

Bailee (our youngest niece)

Nicole (sister in law) Anika (her daughter) and Savannah (another niece)

Quinlin and Kylan (nephew) on the Carousel

Marci and Zoey on Dumbo

Trenton, Laura, Minnie, and Alex (family friends)

Max climbing in Pooh's corner

Erik, Marci, Quinlin, and Max climbing in CA Adventure Bear Park

Quinlin, Erik, and Tyler in the Tea Cups


Savannah & Anika

Alex, Laura, and Pluto

Max, Minnie, and Anika

Zoey and Bailee

Savannah and Anika

I have even more Pictures of Quinlin's Birthday Celebration at our Character Breakfast. I'll save those for my next post....