September 22, 2008

Yeah for BLUE!

We are a week away from our big trip to Disneyland to celebrate Quinlin's 10th birthday. We had planned on getting her a hair cut, but we thought we should do something extra special to get ready for the trip. On Saturday, we went with our good friends Laura and Alex to see Keith. Alex was getting a fun new color... so we had Quinlin have a little too. She did really well. She loved having her hair a fun color that was the same as Alex. The only part of the process she didn't like was having her hair washed in the sink. She was a bit wiggly and kept Keith on his toes, but in the end, it turned out great! Her cut is very cute and the color just adds to her personality. When her hair was done, she couldn't stop looking at herself. She would hold a small mirror and watch herself do everything. We stopped at a store on the way home...and Quinlin picked up her pink sunglasses to add even more coolness to her look. Disneyland... here we come!

September 18, 2008

"I can't hear it!"

We have several kids CD's in the car that the kids love (insist) on listening to when we are in the car. They each have their favorite and we take turns choosing which one we listen to. The other day when I was driving with Max and Zoey, Max was listening to his songs. As we drove he said to me from behind "I can't hear it." So I turned it up and kept driving. A few seconds later he says again, "I can't hear it!" So I turned it up again. A few seconds after that I hear again, "I CAN"T HEAR IT!" I'm wondering...what is going on (worried now he might have a hearing problem), it was already soooo loud. I turned around to look at him as he was in mid sentence of saying again "I can't hear it!" only to see that he had both his fingers in his ears! No wonder he couldn't hear it! I told him to take his fingers out of his ears and then he could hear.

The next day we were in the car again, playing Max's music, and driving along. From behind I heard "I can't hear it." I turned around and sure enough.... he had his fingers in his ears. After telling him to take his fingers out so he could hear....he continued to leave his fingers IN and say "I can't hear it." I tried several more times to respond to his insistence that he couldn't hear with the obvious response for him to take his fingers out. But he didn't' All I kept hearing was ...I can't hear it....I can't hear it.... I can't hear it...." I gave up. That's what he did the entire rest of the drive! (Boy, is he 2 or what?) Any one have a child's remote control for sale? I could use a mute button!

September 9, 2008


The other week while I had the kids with me visting my parents, Max LOVED to be in the garden wth Gramps. He love to help him pick things like cucumbers and beans, but he especially loved to pick the "Ras-birdies." Max would ask Gramps everyday when he came home from work if they could go pick rasbirdies. They never did come in with any... Max ate them as fast as they picked them.

September 1, 2008


Erik and I are proud to introduce our new photography business….


I’ve been working for several months now learning and practicing. Erik has done a beautiful job with the website and we are now in business. I offer photography for: Engagements, Weddings, Pregnancy, Newborn, Children, Family, Senior / Teen Photos, Christmas Portraits

Please visit our site

Thank you to all of you who have let me practice on you over the past few months. Thank you to Terri & Russell, Cheryl & Brandon, the Walkers, the Johnson’s, the Guerra’s, Natalie, Kayla, Alana & Siblings, Annie & Kids, Duke, Hayden & Tucker, Trenton & Alex. I hope you are enjoying the pictures.

To celebrate the start of SHUTTERPATED,

I’m having special introductory prices this fall.

(Free 8x10 if you book your session for September)

Session Fee $50


60-90 minutes

25 or more of my images with post processing and retouch if needed

Black & White/Sepia options for every image

Brag book to share with friends and family that include my favorites.

Special Rates for Engagement / Wedding Packages and Baby Packages.

Please Call for More Info.

Print Pricing

Private on line album accessible through our website

(Free 8x10 if you book your session for September)

4 x 6’s - $5.00

5 x 7’s - $10.00

8 x 10’s - $15.00

Wallets - $1.00 each

Special Package Rate

When you buy more than 10 of the same size (pictures may vary), you receive a 50% discount.

Example- If you buy twenty 4 x 6’s, the first 10 are $5 each and the second 10 are $2.50 each.

Please note, the prints can vary, but the size must be the same for the special package rate.

This offer does not apply to wallets. Wallets are individually printed and more expensive to print.

Many of you might be regulars on my current blog: While I will still visit for post on our family, I will be using anther blog for photography. You can access it through our website. Please visit all three sites!

Photography Website:


Personal blog:

We would love feedback! Please visit our site and let us know what you think. AND, if you like what you see and you think you have friends and family who would like it too, please pass this info on!

Marci Cheesebrough