June 26, 2008

Oh the places he sleeps

As some of you might have read in a previous post, Max can nap in some strange places. This is the rocking chair in his room. This isn't the first time he's slept here...but the first time I could run and get my camera in time to catch him. I've also found him half on the bed and half off. Also buck naked with his butt in the air. He's so funny. He has a pillow at both ends of his bed because throughout the night, he changes from end to end multiple times. I don't think I've ever found him where I left him.

June 25, 2008

Prayer request

Some good friends of ours, Amanda and Jacob Henderson, just found out that their one year old son Noah has infantile Tay-Sachs disease. Sadly, this disease is fatal.

However, God is the master of everything and can do anything so, as you pray for strength and peace within the Henderson/Moore family, please set the bar high and also pray for complete healing of Noah. I would also ask that you get as many others as you can to pray for little Noah.

There may or may not be updates posted to the following blogs...

Amanda and Jacob's blog

June 22, 2008

Max the friendly ghost

I took these pictures of Max standing in our front window. He was only in a diaper, and with his super white skin and white hair next to our white sheers...he almost looked invisible.

June 10, 2008

Sheryl & Brandon

This is Sheryl & Brandon. They're getting married in August...aren't they sweet!

They were some of my first who were willing to let me take their pictures...thanks for being great sports!

June 6, 2008

Fish out of Water

Wednesday night I took a leap and attended a PUG (photographers group) meeting. I have to say I felt a bit silly...like a fish out of water.... and several times almost didn't go. I'm so new to this whole thing, I barely know how to use my new camera. It was at the home of Me Ra Koh and lead by Gerald and Airika Pope. Both these are husband wife teams who specialize in Weddings. The group was very warm and welcoming and I was encouraged by several that the group was full of newbies and was for those who want to learn in a safe and encourageing environment. In the end, I didn't feel as silly and that I should keep coming...so next time, I'm going to bring Erik along with me!

It's all a bit overwhelming, but Erik and I are both very excited about this road we're taking. This might turn out to be nothing...or something. But we'll never know unless we try.

June 2, 2008

Max at the park

Quinlin at the park

Bit by the bug!

So Claire, a great friend and photographer from Ireland, came to visit us a few months ago. She shared a bit of her profession with us. I was very intrigued and excited about some of the things she she showed me. So, with some support from Erik, I sold a few scrapbook pages, added a bit more and bought a camera so I could start playing around with this photography thing. Well, the camera came last week and I'm afraid Erik has now joined me in this new obsession with photography. We have both been taking pictures almost non stop. We have been bitten by the shutterbug...thanks Claire!...I think?

Erik has posted a few of his recent photos to our flickr site. I'm going to post some more of them, and some of mine, here. So, you all get to check out the fruits of our experimentation!