July 18, 2009

Lily Isis

Meet Lily, our newest niece. She was born while we were visiting Erik's family a few weeks ago so I was able to do some newborn pics....

July 11, 2009

Trip to Cali...

Erik's mom Jill, flew up and spent a few days with us before driving with me and the kids to Sacramento while Erik stayed home and worked. Erik was able to fly down and meet us later in the week. We had a great time visiting with Erik's family with lots of lazy days by the pool.

Every day we enjoyed swimming in the pool. The kids were pretty worn out each day, but they had a blast! All three kids did great in water wings and Zoey was instantly loving being independent. Max took many days before he would venture out by himself. But as soon as he did, he was so proud of himself.

Every day the kids enjoyed ice cream cones. They dripped everywhere in the hot sun an d made a big mess, but they were in their suits and easy to wash off.

Another favorite thing was the trampoline. All the kids had fun but Max especially enjoyed himself...

Here are some other various pictures while we were there.

Eriks brother Justin and his oldest daughter Anika