October 27, 2009

He's so Awsome.....

I've mentioned before about how great Erik is.Check out... what a mighty good man.

Erik is a great Dad and Husband.  It is hard to explain sometimes what it is that makes him so wonderful.  He is fun, loving and charming. But here is more to him than those things.  I guess you could say he's just... comfort!  Like mashed potatoes, hot cheesy lasagna, you know those yummy hot foods that just make you feel good and comforted... just being around him makes you feel like home.  He is so easy to be with. He is simple, relaxing.  Like curling up with a blanket by a hot fire and cup of yummy coffee... that is Erik.  And...he's all mine.

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Family Life said...

That was a great post! Neat to see your love and respect come through so loud and clear!