November 3, 2009

Candy Monster

I was nursing Penelope in the back bedroom the other morning and I could hear Max and Zoey talking.  I knew from what they were saying that they were most likely in the kitchen getting into the candy.

When I came in, I came quietly so I could watch them.

While I was watching them, Zoey came up to me right away, but Max was so into the bowl of candy he didn't notice me.  He was too busy trying to pick out what he wanted and fit it into his greedy little hands. He put his candy on the ground, put the bowl back on the counter, put all the candy back into his hands and started to walk out before he noticed me.

He says....”oh hi, can I have some candy?”
I said "no, you can have some after lunch."
He looked at the one piece he had already unwrapped and said. "Please, can I eat this one?"
I said "No, you can have it after lunch."
He then quickly shoves the piece into his mouth and chomps it down...

I said “You get no more candy today.  You just ate yours.”

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